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Transport and handling of  containers

Does your container need to be shipped from the port of Zeebrugge, Antwerp or Rotterdam to a location in the Benelux?
As they say in the movies, “consider it done”.

Transport Robbyns is your one-stop-shop. You can take that literally: your container is stored safely on our guarded lot, your cargo stays refrigerated using the Genset connections, and we can easily move up to 45 tonnes of cargo using the stacker. This includes unloading and redistributing.

Conventional transport

We have 10 trucks at Robbyns ready to take care of all your conventional transport in the Benelux.

Naturally, we don’t just jump in the truck and hit the road; we draw up a customised approach for your company and your cargo.

Storage, transfer and stuffing

You can rest easy while your cargo rests on our premises. Robbyns has secure, enclosed premises and storage sites in Puurs.
Just 30 minutes from the port of Antwerp.

This is not just an additional logistical asset, it’s also a financial one. You get a better price by staying out of the port. Please do not hesitate to request a detailed price quote by sending an email to kurt.robbyns@robbyns.be.

Distribution and e-commerce

At your service.
Three words that of course aren’t just our motto. They are a checklist for getting your goods to the desired location safely and on time.
And naturally we didn’t miss the motorway exit to the internet either: Robbyns effortlessly takes care of your deliveries to and from e-commerce land.

Distribution – pallet transport, delivered by our driver to the agreed location at the agreed time.

Our assets ?

  • Robbyns provides you with a complete solution. And if we can’t find a solution immediately, we will continue to search for one together with you until we do.
  • A base of operations just 30 minutes from the Port of Antwerp is a cheaper alternative in terms of storage, transfer and distribution. This benefits everybody including you.
  • Your planning is our planning. You get a flexible service that ensures that your goods always reach their destination on time.
  • We have a fleet of modern vehicles for all common container types, with a minimum of risks.
  • Our own maintenance service steps in immediately if there are any problems. The results: shorter waiting periods, faster service.
  • Our own track & trace system tells you exactly where your goods are located.
  • We employ only experienced drivers. This is the only way we can guarantee clear communication, maximum traffic safety, good driving behaviour, and the proper completion of all formalities, along the way and at customs.

Robbyns. At your service.

After World War II, grandfather Robbyns catapulted the family name to fame as the leading local reference in transport and logistics service provision. Many years later, the cargo space is bulging with knowledge and experience that the Robbyns company has built up until today.

By choosing Transport Robbyns and its 25 employees, you are choosing a safe and stable partner who does more than just move your cargo from A to B. We also help your company’s image, for instance, because when we get your cargo safely to its destination, your customers will shower you with compliments.

Interested ? Questions ?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with no obligation!

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