What do we do ?

Here are a few testimonials from our customers.

We asked them to describe the Robbyns company in a few words and you can see the results below.

“Very flexible, reliable, extremely cooperative, good rates and of course, very accessible since they’re just around the corner.”.

– Dirk Waterschoot, Duvel Moortgat We’re sure you know Duvel Moortgat due to their fantastic beers. But before they can be poured into beer fans’ glasses around the world, Robbyns transports the containers from Duvel Moortgat to the Port of Antwerp.

“The three most important words are undoubtedly: flexible, efficient and extremely customer-oriented. I’m very satisfied. Their prices and service are great.”

– Fabian Braeckman, Chemitex Chemitex has been a reference in yarns since 1970. Today, Chemitex is Europe’s leading player in textiles. Much of their transport runs like clockwork thanks to Robbyns.

Karin: “Dedicated, friendly, sociable, fun to work with, professional.”
Katrien: “Flexible, fast, always with a smile.

– Karin & Katrien, DSVDSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics solutions. Robbyns often takes on their Belgian business, with pleasure.

Interested ? Questions ?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with no obligation!

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Our assets ?

  • Robbyns provides you with a complete solution. And if we can’t find a solution immediately, we will continue to search for one together with you until we do.
  • A base of operations just 30 minutes from the Port of Antwerp is a cheaper alternative in terms of storage, transfer and distribution. This benefits everybody including you.
  • Your planning is our planning. You get a flexible service that ensures that your goods always reach their destination on time.
  • We have a fleet of modern vehicles for all common container types, with a minimum of risks.
  • Our own maintenance service steps in immediately if there are any problems. The results: shorter waiting periods, faster service.
  • Our own track & trace system tells you exactly where your goods are located.
  • We employ only Belgian drivers. This is the only way we can guarantee clear communication, maximum traffic safety, good driving behaviour, and the proper completion of all formalities, along the way and at customs.